Newbold Neighbors Association (NNA) is a non-profit civic organization established in 2007 serving residents, owners, and businesses in the Point Breeze area of South Philadelphia west of Broad St. to 18th St. and south of Washington Ave. to Passyunk Ave.

NNA strives to engage residents, support sustainable development, promote local businesses, and strengthen our community through clean streets, greening efforts, public safety, planning, zoning, and outreach.

We welcome all residents, property owners, and business owners to attend our general meetings, get involved with our committees, or help out at our community events.


Latest News & Updates

Facebook Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our Facebook page is designed to be an open discussion forum for people who live in or have an interest in our service area.  We typically do not practice censorship, unless a post has been flagged as innapropriate by anyone. 

If you are offended or otherwise think a post or comment is offensive, please flag it and the moderators will address the issue. 

We hope to continue to provide this forum for our neighbors to discuss everything from gentrification to pizza to free couches. Please help us keep it civil.  

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South Philly Tree Pruning




Please join us as we prune some trees with our civic assocation neighbors.

Where: Starting at 20th and Jackson St

When: This Saturday, July 12th, 10:00 AM


Newbold Neighbors Association has been awarded a grant to prune trees in and around our neighborhood.  This grant, in association with Newbold CDC and West Passyunk Neighbors Association, allows for us to prune under the guidance of a certified arborist.  We have 4 dates throughout the summer and will be hitting different parts of South Philly. This month, we will be starting at 20th and Jackson and will prune a few neaby blocks.  Let us know if you'll be coming - all you need to bring is yourself. 

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Dickinson Grove



Dickinson Grove, on the corner of 15th and Dickinson St, is some of the only protected green space in the Newbold neighborhood. The past few years have been hard for this little parcel, but this past Sunday morning 15 neighbors met up to show it a lot of love.

With some tree pruning, flower planting, a fresh coat of paint and some hand made signs, this tired looking area is bright and cheery again!

Countless neighbors helped to make (and pledged to maintain) this grassy spot a sought after area all neighborhood families can use.

The photos speak for themselves, but please stop by and check it out! Bring a chair since you'll want to sit for a minute under the trees.








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Circular Non-Delivery Decal Order Form


As provided by section 10-723 of the Philadelphia Code, the Department of Licenses and Inspectionsmaintains a commercial handbill “Non-Delivery” list identifying all properties whose owners request non-delivery. If you do not want to receive hand delivered advertising circulars or handbills, please fill out thisform. To request non-delivery for local newspapers, complete this form and provide a list of the local newspapers you do not want to receive.

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Public Safety Update: Utility Impersonators

1st District Police Alert: Utility ImpersonatorsUtility Impersonator

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Site preparation and demolition of 1700 South Broad Street


Dear Neighbor,

Planning is underway for site preparation and demolition of 1700 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145.

We are committed to keeping our neighbors fully informed throughout this process. To that end, the following actions will be taking place starting Friday, June 27:

Security Guard

  • A guard shack will be erected and a security guard will be on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week starting on Friday morning June 27.


Construction Fence

  • The construction fence will start to be erected around the perimeter of the site on Friday morning, June 27. This should be complete and the site secured by Tuesday afternoon, July 1.
  • Construction equipment on site associated with building the fence will consist of: a small drilling rig, construction/delivery trucks.


Abatement Activities

  • Abatement activities are scheduled to start Monday morning, June 30.
  • All abatement will be performed in accordance with municipal, state, and federal law.
  • The windows and fascia of the Health Center will be removed to facilitate the abatement activities. A temporary plywood exterior wall will be built in front of the existing wall before this occurs.
  • Equipment on site associated with abatement activities are: air filtration devices (within building/enclosures), forklift, secured box trailer for loading waste, secured trash dumpster
  • Debris will be removed from the site each day.



  • At this time, no street parking will be lost by the erection of the fence or the abatement activities.
  • The contractors will only park on the worksite.


SEPTA Stop, Subway Entrance and Newspaper Stand

  • The SEPTA stop, subway entrance and newspaper stand will remain open.


Immediate questions or concerns regarding the site preparation and abatement will be responded to by:

  • Calling: 267-426-6904
  • Emailing:


This is a dedicated email set up for neighbors to communicate with CHOP during this process. We appreciate your feedback, and will continue to communicate further developments as the project moves forward.


The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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