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Recycling Reminder: No Plastic Bags!

Philadelphia’s curbside recycling program participation is at an all time high, with recycling rates continuing to climb year over year. That is only possible through the dedicated recycling efforts of residents like you, helping to make our City greener and more sustainable. However, such high levels of recycling activity can sometimes lead to recycling mistakes. One of the biggest problems we face with keeping our recycling stream clean is PLASTIC BAGS. 

Many people assume (innocently enough) that plastic bags are recyclable in our curbside recycling program. Although this assumption is understandable, plastic bags are in fact NOT recyclable curbside. Plastic bags tear and wrap around the moving parts in recycling processing machines and systems, leading to increased maintenance costs, equipment damage, and even worker safety issues. 

So, Please ensure that plastic bags STAY OUT of your blue recycling container or bin. In order to safely recycle plastic bags return them to drop off locations at specially-marked recycling bins located at the front of most supermarkets, large grocery or big box stores (e.g. Walmart). For more information on proper plastic bag recycling visit: 

We need your help keeping Philadelphia’s recycling stream clean by making sure plastic bags stay OUT of your curbside recycling container or blue bin. And think about reducing your use of single-use plastic bags by using long-life reusable bags instead. 

Thank you for your continued recycling efforts, commitment to making Philadelphia a greener city, and your help at eliminating of plastic bags from our curbside recycling stream. 


Phil Bresee, Recycling Director
City of Philadelphia Recycling Office

2014 Beer Tour Tickets On Sale Now!

Beer tour tickets are now available! 6 houses and a whole lot of delicious local and craft beer and food. Tickets are $40 and there are a limited number available so get yours now.


Fall Yard Tree Giveaway

The Philadelphia Parks and Rec. TreePhilly’s Fall Yard Tree Giveaway is open for registration  until  September 30th.

The purpose of the Yard Tree Program is to contribute to the tree canopy in the city; the layer of branches and leaves that capture falling rain, reduce flooding, clean our air, and shade our streets and homes. 

Please spread the word to your friends and family . The link for more information and online registration is:

The trees will be available for pick-up Oct 11-12 and 18-19.

Please note that these trees are only for private property in the city of Philadelphia. They are not to be planted as street trees.


Submit your Newbold Neighbors Association Beer Tour Glass Design Now!

We know there are a lot of creative people out there and now it’s your chance to be part of Newbold Neighbors history. Submit your beer glass design by Monday 9/8 and it may be printed on every one of our 2014 beer tour glasses. All submissions must meet the following criteria: 

  • 3 inches by 3 inches
  • Single Color
  • Vector based design
  • Must include Newbold Neighbors 2014

 Email all submissions to


Busy Beautification Saturday

Please join us as we beautify the neighborhood with 2 events this Saturday.  


Meet us at 22nd and Wolf at 10:00 AM as we prune some street trees.  Our fearless arborist, Brice Dorwart, will lead and teach us as we prune.  We will provide all the supplies, you just have to bring yourself (and maybe some water). 


Meet us at Childs Elementary School at 9:30 AM as we help beautify Childs.  We will be preparting their garden beds for fall and creating some garden art. We will provide all the supplies, you just have to bring yourself (and maybe some water). 


Hopefully we'll see you out there!


Beautification Committee August Minutes

August Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Jesse, Joe, Clare, Joy, Trouble (I forgot the dogs name!), Himanshu, Miguel, Roger, Amy, Abby & Mike


The artists interested in putting up some art in Newbold (at Dickinson Grove specifically) decided to go elsewhere. No reasoning why. Paradigm will keep our area in mind for other art projects


NNA has been contacted by donors interested in donating towards a bench at Dickinson Grove. Jesse has provided them with information needed to make a donation. Nothing has been donated yet.


There were no volunteers for the tire round-up, so we did not earn any money though that. (Last year we earned $100)


Jesse will email PHS to find out if its possible for NNA to acquire a long term lease for The Grove and possibly get electricity there.

In the meantime Mike will get some catalogs of solar lights for us to look at what our options are...


Other PHS maintained properties:

If there is one that stands out to you, bring it to the next meeting, assuming we have the same support we have for Dickinson Grove, it would be amazing if we could create another park this Fall!




Tuesday, September 2nd

Community Walk - 7pm. Will start at Broad and Reed.


Saturday, September 6th

Tree pruning - fun and educational! Only 2 left! Time and location TBD

Child's school clean up - 930 am - After the clean up they'll give us another Target gift card.


Tuesday, September 16th

Neighborhood Garden Trust Appreciation Party -  5:30 - 7:30pm.At the PHS Pop Up Garden on 15th and South Street.

If you would like to attend, please respond to Bridget Bonasch at or 215.988.8805 by Friday, September 12.

Anyone want to go to this? Let me know and I can RSVP for us and we could even walk up there together!


Saturday, September 21st

Dickinson Grove spruce up and committee bbq - Time TBD. General overall clean up of the space, Water/sewer decal application, We will need more mulch, We will use the Target gift card from Child's to purchase food/drink for the bbq.


We have a 'Do Not Litter Sign, $300 Fine' from the city. Is there someplace we think this would be helpful?


Its time to start thinking about our 2015 chairs.

2 requirements:

1) Live within Newbold boundaries

2) Have attended 3 meetings/event and 1 general meeting


Elections are in February. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, now is the time to bring them in, ask questions, etc.

Please email us if you have any questions about any portion of our responsibilities.


Don't forget: the NNA General Meeting is next Tuesday, the 26th at 6:30pm at The Reed Street Apartments at 16th and Reed, we'll be discussing the 7th Annual NNA Beer tour!