June Clean and Green Committee Minutes

We are greening Dickinson Grove on Sunday, June 29th at 8:30am!

Activities include: staining the fence, digging, drilling, nailing, flexing muscles, lining bricks, smiling, planting flowers, watering, laughing...and maybe even some celebratory mimosas afterwards?!


We applied for a pruning grant from PHS in conjunction with Newbold CDC and West Passyunk Neighbors. We will meet 4 time between July and October to prune trees in our areas.  Dates to be scheduled soon.  Let us know if you have any trees that need pruning. 


Next district wide clean up is August 2nd. Neighbors can contact us if they need any cleaning supplies.


Tire round up program

Last year we removed 225 tires from the street! 

Help us surpass that number this year by emailing us where we can pick up any illegally discarded tires! We earn $.50 for each tire we collect. Email tires@newboldneighbors.org with the location of any tires you see around the neighborhood.  



CHANGE: Next beautification meeting will be a 'working meeting' on Saturday, July 12th. Time and location TBD. We will help prune trees and apply the no dumping decals we received from the Delaware Estuary.


Philadelphia Community Gardens Day

Community Gardens Day

June 21st 10am – 3pm

Bouvier Gardens will be open to the public from 10 am – 3pm this Saturday, June 21st.

We will have a Master Gardener on hand to talk about our composting and answer any of your gardening questions.

Your neighbors have been working hard on their plots and would love to show them off...maybe they'll even give you a snack!
The garden is blooming and beautiful, come check it out!




June Clean and Green Committee Meeting

Please join us at 6:30 tonight at the Pharmacy to discuss all things cleaning and greening.  The agenda includes discussion of the following topics.  After the meeting, please head over to American Sardine Bar with us where we will unwind after working so hard this spring.  There may be a special treat for Committee members.  Interested in officially joining?  Please email us

- City Cleanup Date is this weekend (Saturday, June 14).  Are there any concentrated efforts that we want to aide in?  

- Discuss dates and times to distribute and install "No Dumping" signs on the storm drain corners.

- Tree Pruning Grant collaborative effors with NCA, NBCDC, and WPNA.  Discuss dates for prunings.  Does July 12 - Aug 9 - Sept. 6 - October 11 work? 

- Discuss tire roundup which is kicks off on July 12th.  We get $0.50 per tire we roundup to recycle.

           o   Rent/borrow a truck?  

           o   Advertise, tell people to set aside tires now

- Shift to working committee meetings where we plant/clean while/before we meet

           o    Dickinson Grove

           o    Concrete Planters



Clean&Green May Minutes

Here is a brief run down of everything that was discussed this month at Clean & Green meetings.  If you are interested in learning more about any topic below or about cleaning and greening in general, please email green@newboldneighbors.org


May 14th, 2014 6:30 PM @ the Pharmacy

Point Breeze green space - No updates right now

We are supporting a petition being circulated by SOSDOG. We are helping to collect signatures in support of a space restricted to dogs off of Washington Ave. Idea: work with Pit Stop dog treat dispenses and The Pharmacy to host a fundraiser at the appropriate time?


Julia secured 50 No Dumping decals from the Delaware Estuary - they are quick and easy to apply. We need to decide where and when to apply these in the neighborhood.

- Dickinson Grove (4)

- 17th & Manton (4)

Will solicit via the facebook page for suggestions of other blocks they should be put on.


Green, then Clean Space - Jesse & Jackie will start the project at Dickinson Grove. We have erected a dog waste sign from the city. It appears to be helping curb the left over waste. We may paint the fence and will plant flowers to encourage use by neighbors.


We will also plant flowers in the large cement planters around the neighborhood in hopes to deter the use of them as trash cans.

Cassandra has donated wild flower seeds and she suggested sprinkling hot pepper around theplanting to keep the squirrels out while they're germinating.


SPR/Circular distribution - we are working with the trash think tank to collaborate with other civics to garner support/attention from the councilman.

   Joe has emailed the trash think tank organizers and we are awaiting their reply.


Neighborhood Walks - Next walk is Tuesday, June 3rd at 7pm, we will meet at 18th & Washington and walk South. This is a great opportunity to meet new neighbors, get some exercise, check out the beautiful plantings many have, etc., etc.


Pruning Club - We are actively gathering a list of trees which need pruning. Joe will be our pruning guide and will teach those interested.


Tree applications - are there businesses or homes in the area we want to have trees? Places for us to solicit?


Child's School project/block clean up -  Jesse is confirming date with school



Latona Green Groundbreaking Event



May 13th Zoning Meeting Canceled

Tonight's zoning meeting has been cancelled. The next zoning meeting will be June 10th at 6:30pm. NNA zoning meetings are held at Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments at 16th and Reed Streets.