Update From CHOP on 1700 S. Broad St. Community Care Center

Dear Neighbor,


At the community meeting held on June 4, 2014 to discuss the Community Care Center at 1700 South

Broad Street, CHOP discussed that the exteriors (and with your permission, the interiors as well) of

buildings across from the project site would be photo documented before the start of demolition and

construction activities. In addition, CHOP informed the community that the project would be monitored

for vibration due to demolition and construction activities.


CHOP has hired CMT Services Group, an industry expert in vibration monitoring, to perform the photo

documentation and vibration monitoring for the project.


On Thursday August 21, Friday August 22 (and if needed, Saturday August 23), CMT Services Group

will be canvassing and knocking on doors, and requesting access to homes and businesses across from

the construction site on Castle, 15th, and Morris Streets. Once inside your home or business, the team

will take photographs to establish baseline structural conditions. They will also photograph the building



In addition to the photographs, CMT Services Group would like to put a Wi-Fi vibration monitor in the

basement of at least one house on each of the following streets across from the site: Morris, Castle,

15th Street. The vibration monitor will monitor vibrations at the monitor location. The data from the

vibration monitors will also be used to calculate vibrations at neighboring properties. CMT Services will

use their discretion to determine which houses best serve the data gathering requirements for the

project. Please note, these monitors are battery operated and will require access monthly to change the



Vibration monitors will also be installed on the construction site and these will be used as well to

calculate vibrations at neighboring properties.


The CMT Services team will be led by Valerie Moody. Valerie and her team will present identification

before requesting access to your home or business.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CHOP at CHOPcommunity@email.chop.edu or

267-426-6904. We will continue to communicate developments as the project moves forward.




The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Community Outreach Coordinator needed for Focused Deterrence

Focused Deterrence is looking to hire a Community Outreach Coordinator to continue implementation of its strategy to reduce group motivated gun in South Philadelphia.

Focused Deterrence is a collaboration among law enforcement, social service providers, and the community to reduce group-motivated gun violence.  It is currently being implemented in South Philadelphia.  The strategy involves a clear and unified message that “the violence must stop”.  It is based on a national model developed by criminologist David Kennedy out of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The strategy focuses specifically on individuals who are engaging in group motivated gun violence in South Philadelphia.

Identified group representatives are invited to City Hall to learn about the strategy, where they hear from members of the collaboration.  Each message is slightly different, but the main point is the same:

  • Law Enforcement -  rules have changed for these individuals.  Going forward, law enforcement will focus on every group member when one member of that group shoots.  All possible illegal activity will be enforced, from drugs to unpaid child support to utility services theft.  They will serve outstanding warrants, increase bail, and enforce maximum penalties when prosecuted.


  • The Community - voices share the pain of losing loved ones to gun violence, or losing many years of their life in prison.  They plead to the group members that “the violence must stop”. They communicate that the group members are important and valuable to the community, and they need to be alive and out of prison. 


  • The Social Services Associate - tells the group members that the collaboration is behind them, and multiple organizations have agreed to offer services and support, from G.E.D. prep to substance abuse treatment.  The group members receive a phone number that is a 24 hour, direct line to the Social Services Associate.  They are instructed to call this number if they want help stopping the violence.  At this time, over 30 organizations are partnering with us to provide a variety of social services.

The men are instructed to take the message back to the other group members, and they are reminded that they have been warned, and their life will be changing regardless of which path they choose.

The Community Outreach Coordinator will perform the following duties:

  • Continue engagement of current community partners
  • Perform outreach efforts to grow the number of community partners
  • Organize community meetings when appropriate
  • Represent Focused Deterrence in all appropriate meetings and/or events
  • Be a constant presence in the South Philadelphia community
  • Work collaboratively with everyone and organization involved in the Focused Deterrence strategy including law enforcement agencies, non-profits, elected officials, community groups, schools, concerned citizens and others
  • Accurately track all efforts with goals of being able to quantify community impact of the Focused Deterrence strategy


The Community Outreach Coordinator should possess the following skills/experience:

  • Prior grassroots organizing or community engagement
  • Exposure to communities plagued by violence
  • Public speaking
  • Detail oriented 
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexibility
  • Work collaboratively
  • Willingness to work evenings and weekends (comp time provided when appropriate)


The Community Outreach Coordinator will report to a member of the City of Philadelphia’s Public Safety Office, but will also be part of the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Services SERVE Philadelphia 2014-2015 VISTA cohort.


The Community Outreach Coordinator is funded as a VISTA position. 


SERVE Philadelphia 2014-2015 VISTAs will serve full time for a period of one year, beginning November 21st, 2014 and ending November 23rd, 2015 for the November Cohort.  VISTA positions require full time service, with occasional responsibilities in the evening and on weekends. 


SERVE Philadelphia VISTAs will participate in local orientation, regularly scheduled professional development sessions and bi-monthly team meetings throughout the year sponsored by theMayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service.



SERVE Philadelphia VISTAs are required to attend a mandatory pre-service orientation prior to beginning their year of service. The November Cohort will have their Pre-Service Orientation in Boston, MA from November 18th – November 21st, 2014. All transportation and lodging costs for Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) will be covered for individuals attending PSO who do not live in the City where their Orientation will be held.  In addition, a small relocation allowance will be provided to individuals who relocate more than 50 miles to serve as a VISTA in Philadelphia. 


AmeriCorps VISTAs receive an annual living allowance of $12,312 ($472 every two weeks), before taxes.  They also have the option to enroll in the VISTA Health Benefits Program. AmeriCorps VISTAs who are part of the SERVE Philadelphia VISTA team will also receive a monthly transportation pass


Finally, AmeriCorps VISTAs who successfully complete their year of service can choose to receive either an Education Award of $5,645 or End of Service Stipend of $1,500.  The Education Award, which is subject to taxation, can be applied to any federally backed student loan or used to pay tuition in the future. 


NOTE:  Per the policy of the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps VISTAs cannot engage in additional paid work during their year of service.


How to apply?

Please submit your resume and completed 2014-2015 SERVE Philadelphia VISTA Application to servephillyvistaapplication@gmail.com. The 2014-2015 SERVE Philadelphia VISTA Application can be downloaded at www.servephiladelphia.com


Facebook Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our Facebook page is designed to be an open discussion forum for people who live in or have an interest in our service area.  We typically do not practice censorship, unless a post has been flagged as innapropriate by anyone. 

If you are offended or otherwise think a post or comment is offensive, please flag it and the moderators will address the issue. 

We hope to continue to provide this forum for our neighbors to discuss everything from gentrification to pizza to free couches. Please help us keep it civil.  


South Philly Tree Pruning




Please join us as we prune some trees with our civic assocation neighbors.

Where: Starting at 20th and Jackson St

When: This Saturday, July 12th, 10:00 AM


Newbold Neighbors Association has been awarded a grant to prune trees in and around our neighborhood.  This grant, in association with Newbold CDC and West Passyunk Neighbors Association, allows for us to prune under the guidance of a certified arborist.  We have 4 dates throughout the summer and will be hitting different parts of South Philly. This month, we will be starting at 20th and Jackson and will prune a few neaby blocks.  Let us know if you'll be coming - all you need to bring is yourself. 


Dickinson Grove



Dickinson Grove, on the corner of 15th and Dickinson St, is some of the only protected green space in the Newbold neighborhood. The past few years have been hard for this little parcel, but this past Sunday morning 15 neighbors met up to show it a lot of love.

With some tree pruning, flower planting, a fresh coat of paint and some hand made signs, this tired looking area is bright and cheery again!

Countless neighbors helped to make (and pledged to maintain) this grassy spot a sought after area all neighborhood families can use.

The photos speak for themselves, but please stop by and check it out! Bring a chair since you'll want to sit for a minute under the trees.









Circular Non-Delivery Decal Order Form


As provided by section 10-723 of the Philadelphia Code, the Department of Licenses and Inspectionsmaintains a commercial handbill “Non-Delivery” list identifying all properties whose owners request non-delivery. If you do not want to receive hand delivered advertising circulars or handbills, please fill out thisform. To request non-delivery for local newspapers, complete this form and provide a list of the local newspapers you do not want to receive.